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Here is description how to make catch-looking button in four easy steps. Let's go!

Step 1. Select Button Design

To select a new button design just pick a design from the Theme Browser and then click "Apply Theme" button. Theme preview is displayed in the Theme Preview window and theme description is displayed in the text box above (Theme Description box).

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Step 2. Specify Button Text

Uncheck Shadow and Custom Button Size checkboxes. After selecting a new button design you should specify the button text. To do this just type in your text in the Text Input box. Select style and size of the font. Then select mode of antialiasing. Press Center and Center Vertically on toolbar menu to center text.

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Step 3. Select Background, Text colors

You can easily change all aspects of the button design, including the background, text and shadow colors. To set Background, Text click appropriate button and select color, which you like using color palette.

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Step 4. Save your result

After you have finished creating your button you can save it in one of the three available formats: JPG, GIF or PNG. To save in JPEG format just click JPG Button on the "Save and Text Position" toolbar. Then set JPG quality and press OK.

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Congratulations! Your button is complete!

As you see, it is very fast and easy way to create web buttons.

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